Danny & Gina Murphy

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Danny Murphy was saved from the grip of death!


When Jesus has a purpose for you, nothing can stand in the way, even death itself.


Danny Murphy was not supposed to be here, at least that's what people thought while he went through a life threatening health crisis.

After recovering and getting back on his feet, Danny knew what he had to do. He had to spread the word of God further than Moultrie, Georgia. He had to take it global!

Danny and Gina have conquered many obstacles such as, death, loss, and even divorce. Like many churches today, if you have been through a divorce, you are not allowed to preach.


Danny knew that he was called to ministry, he has a story, a passion, and a purpose. He will not let religion and man made rules stand in his way. He will be heard and help change lives. He firmly believes that is the reason he is still alive today. God saved Danny from early death because he is meant for more. 

He lives his life and guides his church by the word of God. He says what needs to be said, not delivering the message of the status quo.


The message spoken at DWC is that of freedom and breaking the chains that others have bestowed upon you, or maybe the ones you've laid upon yourself. 

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